Maura Dawn Photography | About
It is much easier to tell you about the beauty I have glimpsed through the eyes of my camera than it is to tell you about me. But having your picture taken is an unnerving experience that makes some people very uncomfortable and run fast and far. And they find that if given just a little time, they start to have fun and see just how beautiful they are...and as such it helps to know a little about the person taking their picture, and maybe in the process, give Him some glory for all He’s done for me.

I grew up in Fayetteville, AR, took a brief turn in front of the camera myself before discovering I preferred the seat behind the lens instead (sorry that job is already taken), and at the tender age of 16 left high school for the big, big world of college..but that is another story for another time when you know me better. I wondered through three years of a teaching degree before wandering into a major change to art, and here I am. What makes me nervous? Missing a road chosen by my Heavenly Father, figure drawing class (they are naked, for heaven’s sake!), and attempting to ride a bicycle next to my beast of a husband. I lead a group of senior high girls who make me laugh and cry and know joy of the sweetest sort. I have two little brothers I love so very much that I can’t remember what it was like before our house was filled with basketball shorts! And when given a choice, I love a neck full of vintage necklaces and cozy sweaters. I want to do battle in the heavenlies, feed hungry children, bury my face in an armful of daisies, appreciate a good fire, look into the eyes of my husband. But for you?

I want to take pictures.